Wednesday, June 14, 2017


photo by  Marl Velasquez

Following up on Saturday's post where I introduced you all to the Lovely LILLIAS RIGHT I just wanted to point out that last night I got my latest custom video from here.

I usually ask for a video of her in a specific outfit, stripping to a particular song, but this month since she did something different for her official Patreon video, in filming herself in the shower, I decided I'd also ask for something different, and instead of stripping I asked for a video of her rubbing coconut oil on her naked body. 

Here's a gif from my 6 minute video:

That's why I'm a Patreon supporter at the highest level. For $100 you get access to every video she's ever uploaded (over a dozen stripping videos), including this month's official video (the 7 minute SHOWER) and every photo-set she's ever uploaded (over a thousands photos, at least), plus access to her private Snapchat. And you can get your own private custom video, just like this. 

So what are you waiting for?!? PLEDGE NOW: