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Alexis Golden, Richard Mann, Janet Mason - photo courtesy of

One of the hottest MILFS I've ever seen in porn is the amazing JANET MASON. The woman is 48 but has a body that puts most 25 year old women to shame. Janet has been running her own amateur porn website for almost 19 years now, where she and her husband Steve produce and sell their own DVD's and digital downloads of Janet having sex. I don't remember how I first found out about her, but I've bought several of her DVD's over the years.

I'll admit that I initially had my own preconceived notions about "amateur porn", none of which were good. I thought it was all out of shape ("normal-looking") people having sex in dimly-lit rooms, with one stationary camcorder recording it. But Steve Mason directs these scenes like a pro. All of Janet's videos are filmed in luxurious hotel rooms or homes, with good lighting, and Steve directs the scenes well from multiple angles. He sometimes speaks (from off camera, I don't think he's ever appeared on-camera), but mostly it's before the sex starts. Once Janet starts banging, Steve shuts up, so as to not distract from the sex.

Janet's specialty is interracial sex. She's got many scenes of her having hot passionate sex with well-hung (she's a confirmed "size queen") muscular Black men. She also does White guys too, always younger men. And she has scenes just with other women. So whether you're into Interracial, or MILFS, or Lesbians, Janet's got something for you.

Most of her scenes are at least 40 minutes long, sometimes up to an hour or longer, so you get your money's worth. And, most importantly, the sex looks REAL. I think, because it's her own site and Janet gets to choose who she wants to film with, you can tell that she's not just doing it for the money, she's really attracted to her partner(s). There's always lots of deep kissing and caressing, and when she has orgasms, it's real. So that's why I love her scenes.

I should note that she also has done many pro porn scenes as well, for companies like Naughty America, Bang Bros, Brazzers, and Pure Mature, as well as others. And she's always sexy in them, but I'll always go back to her own amateur scenes first.

This particular DVD I'm reviewing today includes another sexy MILF, ALEXIS GOLDEN, who also runs her own amateur site, from which I've bought a few of her DVDs as well, in addition to doing some pro scenes. Much like Janet, Alexis' scenes are directed by her own husband, Ty, filmed very professional-looking, and Alexis tends to have a preference for Black men with large cocks, and looks very hot while banging them.

This scene has Alexis introducing Janet to RICHARD MANN, a brotha packing an 11 inch wang. They're in a hotel room, and it starts with Janet and Alexis, already in just bra and panties, as they undress Richard, unveiling his monster dong, which makes Janet's eyes go wide in shock. They start on a chair before moving to the bed where the action really hits up. These two sexy White MILFS double-up on Richard's BBC.

This has everything you want in a threesome, the ladies give him a double-BJ, then take turns riding his cock and sitting on his face. The ladies also make-out with each other during the action, which at one point gets so intense that the three of them fall off the bed! And it ends with the ladies sharing his cum after Richard gives them a double-facial. This scene is almost 50 minutes long, and will melt your TV or computer screen. I highly recommend this.

Janet and Alexis make a great team, I wish they worked more together, but there probably just aren't enough men in the porn industry who could handle both of them at once...

 It's available in DVD or download on Janet's site as Threesomes, Vol. 5: Sharing Richard Mann!, which is the version that I have. And it's also available on Alexis' site as Alexis Golden's Mann Meat, which also includes an extra blowjob scene with Richard and Alexis and another threesome scene with Alexis, Richard, and now-retired Dominatrix porn star Sinnamon Love.

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