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Today I'm reviewing one of the latest DVD compilations from my favorite online porn company, Naughty America, specifically it's a collection of scenes from their SEDUCED BY A COUGAR site. I've always preferred the older ladies (both in porn and in real life), so this site has long been one of my favorites at it showcases older women in scenes which they are portrayed as sexually aggressive and in charge.

I found this DVD while specifically searching for work from my longtime favorite MILF Mrs. Emma Starr, whom I've reviewed DVD's of here twice before, and who always does her best work with Naughty America. So I was thrilled to find this DVD with a new scene from her as well as four other women whom all also happen to be favorites of mine.

First up, is the arousing ARIELLA FERRERA, in a scene with Michael Vega. The set up is the Ariella has bought a piano and hired Michael to teach her how to play it. After about 5 minutes of "lessons" Ariella gets bored and decided that she's really play a different instrument, specifically Michael's "male organ." And the next thing you know Michael is leaning against the piano with his pants down while Ariella is on her knees blowing him. This leads to titty-fucking, then she rides him cowgirl on the piano set, reverse-cowgirl, cunnilingus, doggystyle, then missionary, ending when Michael cums in her mouth at around 26 minutes.
Despite the minor distraction of Michael's ridiculous hairstyle (it's all "poofed up" on top), this is a pretty hot scene, and great way to start off the DVD.

Next up is the legendary JULIA ANN, in a scene with Johnny Castle. Johnny plays the valet who takes Julia Ann's car to park it when she arrives at a restaurant, but when he get in the car Julia Ann suddenly gets in it with him, and demands that he drive it to a nearby carwash with her. While they're in the carwash she leans over and starts sucking his cock, to Johnny's amazement. When the wash is over she has drive him to her home and pull into her garage where she says "You're gonna get out now, and you're gonna fuck me, okay?" But it's not really a question, it's a statement. And that's exactly what happens.

Standing next to car the two kiss while undressing each other. Johnny exposes and then sucks on Julia Ann's big titties, then she gets on her knees and blows him again, he gets down and eats her pussy from behind before bending her over the car to fuck her. They lay a blanket on the garage floor and he fucks her in the spooning position, then some missionary, then tittyfucking until Johnny cums on Julia Ann's chen and in her mouth at around 22 minutes.

The setting was less-than-ideal, in my opinion, but these two have excellent chemistry, which made up for it.

The third scene features the incredibly voluptuous SARA JAY, in a scene with Mr. Pete. Sara Jay is a real estate agent, and when the scene begins she gets a call from her boss who informs her due to her failure to make any sales lately, that if she doesn't sell a house by the end of the day she's going to be fired. So Sara vows to do "whatever it takes" to make a sale.

Mr. Pete is her latest potential customer who she shows a nice large house to. This is already the 6th house that she's shown him, and when Mr. Pete still seems hesitant about buying, Sara makes do on her vow. In one of the bedrooms she pushes him back on the bed and climbs on top of him. She takes off his pants and blows him, with some intermittent tittyfucking, he lays her down on the bed and fucks her, she gets on top and rides him reverse-cowgirl, some side-action, missionary,  doggystyle, cowgirl, then more tittyfucking which ends with him cumming on her tits (and agreeing to buy the house) at around 33 minutes.

Pretty good scene, although I've seen Sara Jay do better.

Number four is the one I was waiting for, with the awesome Emma Starr in a scene with Preston Parker. Preston is a handyman whom Emma's called over to her house to fix her barbeque grill. But when he checks it out it's working just fine. So then she asks him to check out her bed, saying there's something wrong with the springs. Well, that seems to be just fine too, but to be sure Emma wants to test it out with him...

You know where that leads. Soon, to Preston's surprise, he's on his back on the bed with his pants off, while Emma lays between his legs and sucks his cock. Then Preston goes down on her for a bit before they engage in 69. Then they fuck missionary, sideways, reverse-cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary again, and during all this they're both moaning and talking to each other. Emma's going on and on about how good his dick feels, and Preston's telling her how turned on he is by her (I can't blame him). It ends around 25 minutes with some tittyfucking as he cums on her chest and in her mouth.

Another 5-star classic Emma Starr scene!

The fifth and finale scene stars the incredible AVA ADDAMS along with Tyler Nixon. Ava is lounging around in skimpy string bikini by her pool, when Tyler shows up to clean it for her. Tyler tries his best to concentrate on his job but is distracted by Ava's body. Tyler isn't helped when Ava gets into the jacuzzi and starts moaning. Soon Ava pools Tyler into the jacuzzi with her, sits in his lap, takes her top off and shoves her big boobs in her face.

This scene is great because not only does Ava excele in the role as the aggressive older woman, but Tyler is extremely good at playing the role of nervous young man. And the chemistry between these two is off the hook! They take turns going down on each other, then they fuck doggystyle, reverse-cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl, switching between positions again and again until Tyler cums on Ava's face and in her mouth at around 24 minutes.

A perfect ending for this DVD.

Like all Naughty America DVD's you can play all the scenes as one continuous movie, or select specific chapters. Extras on the DVD include a slideshow of images from each scene, trailers of other Naughty America releases, and a 4
minute interview with ALURA JENSON, taking place right after filming her first scene ever for Naughty America with Bill Bailey, who conducts the interview with her. I'm not sure why that was included, when her scene isn't on this DVD.

All in all, this is a great collection of cock-craving cougars that fans will enjoy.


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