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Written and directed by Robert McCallum (aka Gary Graver), this 1985 film from Caballero studios stars Tom Byron as Jimmy, a shy young man who lives with his Aunt Diane, played by Honey Wilder. It’s never mentioned exactly how old Jimmy is, he’s still in school but whether that’s High School or College is unknown.

Jimmy is sexually frustrated, spending most of his free time in his bedroom, using a telescope to spy on the two women who live next door. That's Debbie (Joanna Storm) and Tina (Stephanie Taylor aka Laurie Smith) two uninhibited ladies who keep bringing men over to have kinky sex with them. At various times throughout their film we see them having threesome with a man (played by Paul Thomas) whom they force to dress up in a rabbit costume and hop around), and a foursome with two other men (played by Blair Harris & Marc Wallice) whom they also make wear weird costumes. And we get a scene of the two women having lesbian sex in a bathtub (somehow Jimmy’s telescope is able to see into every area of the ladies’ house, whether they’re in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room).

Diane is also sexually frustrated, we get a scene of her laying in bed masturbating with an electric vibrator. And there’s another scene where she’s watching a TV commercial and fantasizes that the man in the commercial, played by Eric Edwards, who steps out of the TV and has sex with her in her living room.

Diane keeps trying to get through to Jimmy, who never goes out and is doing worse in school, but he avoids talking to her. Eventually Diane hires a private tutor, Lillian Foxworth (Kay Parker), to come stay at their home for a weekend, to help Jimmy with his schoolwork and his emotional problems. During this weekend Diane goes to a sales meeting in Palm Springs, so Lillian and Jimmy will be alone.

Over the weekend, Lillian catches Jimmy spying on Debbie and Tina and realizes what his real problem is. So Lillian seduces Jimmy, taking his virginity. Meanwhile, in Palm Springs, Diane gets a massage, and ends up having sex with the masseuse (also played by Eric Edwards).

The main problem I have with this film is that the it cuts back and forth between the sex scene with Parker and Byron and the second scene with Wilder and Edwards. They’re both very hot scenes, but it’s kind of disrupted by the way it’s shown, I would have much preferred if they’d just shown one scene complete and then the next one.

His time with Lillian makes Jimmy more confident. After she leaves, he goes next door and propositions Debbie and Tina, and has a threesome with them. This is the 2nd disappointment of the film, as the scene with Jimmy and the two ladies is filmed in the dark, so we can barely see anything.

When Diane returns home late that night and sees that Jimmy isn't there, she and her friend Marsha (Janey Robbins) go over next door to see if they can find him. Debbie and Tina have left, but Jimmy is asleep in their living room. He’s laying there with his cock sticking out of his pants. Marsha gets turned on and over Diane’s objections, starts blowing him, and when Jimmy wakes up she takes off her dress and starts having sex with him, while Diane watches. After Marsha cums, she entices Diane to try it.

When Jimmy admits that he always wanted his aunt, Diane decides that she “might as well keep it in the family” and takes over her clothes and lets Jimmy have sex with her, while Marsha watches. THE END

Overall it’s a good film. Honey Wilder and Kay Parker were two of the hottest MILFS to ever appear in porn, and they were in their prime here. Likewise, Tom Byron was at his best when he played the innocent young man in his early films. So this film played to all of their strengths. It could have been better, but I still consider it a classic porn film.

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