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Since it's inception just a couple of years ago, BLACKED.COM has emerged as THE premier studio for Interracial porn. At least in my opinion. Their scenes are very well-shot with high-quality, reminiscent of the great studio features of the late-80's/early 90's. One thing I love, in particular, is that they avoid the stereotypical "ghetto/thug/hiphop" portrayals of Black men that have dominated the porn industry (even from many Black-owned studios) for most of my life. No Black "Superfly" pimps fucking skanky-looking White trash girls here. This is quality porn, with sexy scenes between men and women who just so happen to be different skin-colors.

Speaking of the women in Blacked videos, they also specialize in getting a lot of White women, both newbies to the industry and A-list veterans, performing IR for the first time, which just enhances the appeal of their videos. This particular collection is from last January, featuring 4 sizzling hot scenes, each directed by Greg Lansky.

First up is a threeway sex scene starring Chanel Preston and Jade Nile. They play a couple of married women who are at some kind of resort, laying outdoors in bikinis, while their husbands are out playing golf. They talk about their marriages, with Jade mentioning feeling unsatisfied lately, so Chanel casually suggests having an affair, but Jade is scared of getting caught. Michael Williams plays their waiter, who comes out to bring both ladies their drinks. When they see him, Chanel confesses to having a thing for Black guys, and Jade admits that she does too. Chanel says she was planning to seduce Michael (something she'd done before) before her husband gets back, and invites Jade to join them. And the next thing you know, we're in a bedroom.

The sex starts with Jade sitting in a chair watching as Chanel and Michael stand by the bed. First they're deep kissing, gets down on her knees, takes out Michael's cock and starts blowing him. Eventually Chanel beckons Jade to join them, and Jade takes her turn socking Michael's cock as Chanel urges him on. Then Michael lays down on the bed as the two women lay between his legs and suck and lick his cock together. Then Michael fucks Chanel missionary as Jade lays next to them, and starts kissing Chanel. Then the ladies switch plays so Michael can fuck Jade while Chanel kisses her. Then Michael fucks Jade missionary as Chanel licks Jade's asshole, then Chanel gets it missionary.

All throughout the two ladies appear to be in absolutely ecstasy, marveling with each other at how big Michael's cock is and how good it feels in them. The sex ends with Michael giving Chanel a creampie, as Chanel experiences a very real-looking orgasm. And when Michael pulls out we get a close-up of his cum dripping out of Chanel's pussy. Talk about an intense scene!

The second scene features Kendra Lust, my current favorite pornstar (and the reason I bought this DVD). She's in a scene with Jason Brown, in which he plays her personal trainer, and the scene opens with the him coaching her as she works out in an private gym. Kendra's on a running machine, wearing tight shorts and a bikini top, and the camera lingers on her sweaty body. That's the end of the workout for the day, and then Jason stands behind her to massage her shoulders, as he compliments her body. There is some discussion of her husband always been out of town on business and then Kendra mentions she can feel Jason's erection from behind. He starts to apologize, but Kendra wasn't complaining, she likes it.

The sex begins with Kendra taking him to her bedroom where they kiss deeply and passionately for awhile. She pulls off his shorts and starts stroking his cock with both hands, while they continue to kiss. These two really seem to be into each other, with Kendra just loving feeling his cock in her hands. She gets down on her knees and sucks him. They get on the bed and she rides him cowgirl. All fellow Lust Army members know what an incredible ass Kendra has, so that's a great position to see her in. She gets off and blows him some more, and then he fucks her doggystyle (another great position for her). There's some missionary, where she suddenly pulls out a pink vibrator which she uses on her clit for a little bit while he's fucking her. Then they both stand up against the wall-length window (they're in a high-rise), where she leans forward and he fucks her from behind. Then she sits down and sucks his cock until he cums in her mouth. Just fanfuckingtastic!

The third scene is Layna Landry with Flash Brown. This is another workout scenario, she's married, he's her personal trainer. The difference is that this time the trainer is the aggressor. After the workout they sit next to each other and he starts coming on to her. While she's feigns reluctance initially, she gives in pretty quickly, and they're kissing passionately on an exercise bench. She bends over on all fours, he pulls down her shorts, and starts eating her out. Then he lays down on mat on the floor, and she sits on his face so he can continue eating her out. Then it's her turn, as he stands up and undresses while she gets on her knees and sucks his cock. He fucks her missionary, with her moaning about how huge he is, they also do doggystyle, reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl, until it ends with her on her knees as he cums in her mouth.

Let me just say that I'd never heard of Layna Landry before seeing this DVD, but now I'm going to make a point to look up some more of her work.

Flash returns for the fourth and final scene, this one stars the voluptuous Angela White. She's a married woman alone in her large house who texts her lover (Flash) telling him that her husband is out all day and asks him to come over.

But it's not "cheating", as she says in the text that her husband loves it when she fucks other guys and she'll be telling him all the details later. So Flash arrives and meets her outside in her large backyard overlooking the mountains. They starts kissing, and she gets down on her knees and blows him, right there in broad daylight. But that's shot from far away so we don't really see much. The action picks up when they move indoors to the bedroom. Angela is wearing a sexy bikini that enhances all of her curves. They both get naked and Flash lays on the bed while Angela gets between his legs and strokes his cock before sucking on it. She also uses her massive melons to tittyfuck him, and then he fucks hers missionary, then reverse-cowgirl, doggystyle, and then ending with her laying down and him cumming on her tits and in her mouth. This is a perfect way to cap off this 2 and a half hour DVD.

Like I said, when it comes to Interracial porn, is the best around, due yourself a favor and check this out!

Either buy the DVD here, or download individual scenes here.

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