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This 1986 film was written by Steve H. Mehoff and directed by Paul G. Vatelli. It stars Honey Wilder as Dianne (yes, in the credits it's spelled with two N's), a recently-divorced single mother, and Amber Lynn as her daughter, Hope.

Dianne is lonely and sexually frustrated, and fights with her ex-husband, Roger (played by John Leslie) over alimony. We learn that Dianne and Roger (who was her 2nd husband, and not Hope's father, although he helped raise her) divorced because of his infidelities, and the first sex scene we get in this film is between Roger and some unnamed young woman (played by Tess Ferre) that he has over at his house.

Hope has a boyfriend named Robby (Tom Byron) and they have a good sex life when they have time, but one problem is that Robby is always busy at his job. One night, after a date, they go back to Hope’s house, and have sex in the living room in front of the fireplace, thinking Dianne is asleep in her bedroom downstairs. But Dianne wakes up and sneaks down the stairs and watches them have sex for a minute, then goes back up to her room and masturbates.

Another night, since Robby is busy at work, Hope goes out to a club with her friend Lynanne (Gerri Orlando aka Ali Moore). Afterward, they go back to Lynanne’s house to sleep. In the middle of the night, Lynanne gets out of bed and sits in a chair and masturbates, while fantasizing about having sex with Hope. But that doesn’t mean Lynanne is a lesbian, as in a later scene she goes back to the club and hooks up with the DJ (played by Herschel Savage).

But while Hope was out with Lynanne, Robby got off work early and went over to house to see her. Since she was out, and Dianne was just home alone, Robby invited her to go out with him for drinks. Dianne is at first reluctant, but then agrees, and the two of a great time, and then end up at a hotel and have sex. That quickly becomes a full-blown affair, and we get a montage of Dianne and Robby secretly getting together multiple times and having sex, while Robby always tells Hope that he’s busy working.

One night Hope goes to Robby’s house and catches him with Dianne, who is giving him a blowjob at the time. Hope is devastated and runs out crying and head straight into the arms of her ex-stepdad, Roger, for some hot revenge-sex.

This is a very good dramatic film. This is back in the days when porn films were treated like mainstream films, which meant that porn stars had to also know how to act, in addition to being able to fuck on film. And this cast were all good actors, who made their characters feel real. And I loved all the sex scenes. In particular, I enjoyed seeing Tom Byron and Honey Wilder together as their on-screen chemistry is amazing. I also thought the Amber Lynn/Ali Moore lesbian scene, although a bit short, was very hot scene. Together, with the rest of the scenes, it makes this film worth watching. I highly recommend it.


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