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The 1980 film TABOO brought the topic of incest to the mainstream of porn, becoming an unexpected smash hit. By 1984 they'd already made a 3rd sequel to it. That same year, someone got the bright idea to make an all-Black film to cash-in on this little particular fad. Thus we got BLACK TABOO.

Written by Lem Elijah and directed by Drea. It stars Tina Davis as Veranda and Ralph Height as Cleotus, a married couple living with their two daughters, Valdesta (Sahara) and Theodora (played by Jeannie Pepper, using the name Angel Hall, in what I think may be her first feature film). They also have a son, called Sonny Boy (I assume that’s a nickname, but he’s never referred to by anybody as any other name), who was in the military, went to Vietnam and has been missing and presumed dead for the past 10 years. But he was really being held as a POW and is now finally returning home, so the family is overjoyed.

The film opens with Veranda and Cleotus having sex in the bedroom, while also talking about Sonny Boy and how happy he is that they’re coming back. We quickly learn that this family is a little closer than usual, as it cuts to Valdesta and Theodora sitting on the coach together, while wearing lingerie, talking about Sonny Boy and whether he’ll remember them, since they were just little kids when he left to join the army. They get into a little fight, which quickly turns into lesbian sex. And it's clearly not the first time these two sister have done this.

The next scene is the family having dinner while they wait for Sonny Boy to arrive (why didn’t they wait until Sonny Boy got home to have dinner with him? Nevermind). Cleotus mentions that his brother Elston (Billy Dee) is picking up Sonny Boy at the airport, along with Elston’s daughter Samantha (Marie Lavar). The girls mention that they don’t like their cousin Samantha, because she’s stuck up, while Veranda doesn’t care for Elston, whom she says is “a bum.”
Elston and Samantha arrive with Sonny Boy and everybody hugs him. Sonny Boy says he’s feeling tired so they show him to his room.

Things quickly get freakier, as we see how close this family is. Valdesta and Theodora talk about how good looking their brother is, and Valdesta soon goes to his room, dressed in a cheerleader outfit, and finds Sonny Boy sitting on the bed naked. After a quick demonstration of her cheerleading abilities she gets on the bed with him and they have sex.

Then Elston goes to talk to Veranda while she’s cooking in the kitchen, and he flirts with her. We learn that they actually dated for 2 weeks years ago, before she met Cleotus, whom she then dumped Elston for (a fact of which Cleotus remains unaware). And then they have sex right there in the kitchen.

Then back in Sonny Boy’s room, he’s still sitting on the bed naked, when Theordora walks in, ostensibly to talk about her biology homework in school, but she ends up stripping naked for him and also joining him on the bed to have sex.

I should also point out that there’s a running subplot where Sonny Boy is confused by his surroundings, as he doesn’t remember much of his previous time with the family. This is initially attributed to his long time away and imprisonment. Sonny Boy also has a blow-up sex doll, which he calls Jodi (apparently he somehow kept the doll hidden with him while he was in prison, and it helped him get through his imprisonment), and he talks to "her" about his feelings of being home again. Elston and Veranda also make note of how different Sonny Boy looks now. This will be important later.

The incestual encounters continue over the next day and night. Cleotus and Samantha have sex in the bathroom while the rest of the family is having dinner. And then Elston has a threesome with Valdesta and Theodora on a couch, as the girls tries to prove to their uncle which one of them is the better lover (he ends up calling it a tie).

Then the next night Veranda comes into Sonny Boy’s room. He's  dressed this time, but she’s in a see-through nightgown, and she brings him some milk and cookies for a snack. Then she suggests giving him a massage, so he takes his shirt off and lays face-down, while she gets on his back and rubs him. This soon turns to full-on sex.

And this leads to the big TWIST ENDING.

Near the end of their having sex, Veranda notices that Sonny Boy is missing a birthmark that he should have on his shoulder, and Sonny Boy suddenly remembers that his mother had “small titties, not big titties”, like Veranda does. And they realize there’s been a mistake, that Sonny Boy isn’t their son after all. Nevertheless, they keep having sex, and Sonny Boy calls her mommy when they’re finished. So I guess the implication is that they’re not going to say anything about it to the rest of the family, and he’ll just keep living with them as their son.

Alright, so the twist revelation means there isn’t any mother/son and brother/sister incest actually portrayed in this film. But that still leaves in the sister/sister and uncle/niece(s) sex, making this an incest film (plus there’s brother-in-law/sister-in-law adultery).

I would not call this film a classic by any means, I consider it more of a humorous curiosity. It’s part of porn history. Really only the scenes between El-Ay and Pepper and then the finale with El-Ay and Davis (whom I find strangely appealing, despite her not being conventionally sexy) are worth watching.

If you must, get a copy HERE

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