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This is it, one of the true CLASSIC adult films ever made. Written by Helene Terrie and directed by Kirdy Stevens, this 1980 film changed the face of porn by breaking the biggest sexual taboo of them all: incest between a mother and a son.

Kay Parker plays Barbara Scott, a housewife who suddenly finds herself single and looking for work when her husband unceremoniously dumps her for a younger woman, after complaining that Barbara is too sexually inhibited (which she is). Mike Ranger plays their son Paul, who decides to stay with Barbara when his parents split up. Paul’s age is never explicitly stated in this film, he is still in school, but whether that’s high school or college is unmentioned. It’s clear early on that Paul is attracted to his mother, as we see him checking out her cleavage when they’re having breakfast together. Later on, there’s a long scene where Paul secretly watches Barbara while she’s taking a shower and then as she gets dressed. There’s also another scene when an innocent kiss accidentally turns to a kiss on the mouth, surprising both of them. Not that Paul is sexually frustrated, as he has a hot girlfriend named Sherry, played by Dorothy LeMay, whom he is having sex with. And while Sherry has no idea of Paul’s growing attraction for his mother, she’s pretty open-minded sexually, even encouraging one of her friends (Tawny Pearl) to join her and Paul for a threesome.

Barbara struggles with trying to find a job, while also trying to get back into the dating scene. Neither one is easy, as many employers don’t want to hire her because of her age. And one blind date goes bad when the man (Lee LeMay) takes her to a swingers party that becomes an all-out orgy. Barbara refuses to participate, and just sits on the coach, while everyone else has sex around her. But late that night she’s laying in bed, remembering the images from the orgy, and having visions of herself joining in and having sex with multiple men and women. Her sexual frustration boils over, as she masturbates at the thought. She gets up to go get some water and as she passes Paul’s bedroom his door is open, and she looks in to see him laying on the bed naked, with an erection. The sight turns her on so much that Barbara goes in and starts sucking her son’s cock. Paul wakes up and is pleasantly surprised to see his mother giving him a blowjob, and this leads to an incredible sex session that melts the screen. The next morning Barbara leaves early, too ashamed to face her son after what happened. But when she comes back home later, she tries to tell Paul that it was wrong and can never happen again, but Paul doesn’t want to stop and he seduces her this time, in another smoking hot sex scene.

Meanwhile, Barbara gets a job as a secretary, and when her boss, Jerry (Michael Morrison), asks her out, she accepts his invitation, hoping this will take her mind off Paul. They begin a relationship, and the film ends with them having a romantic dinner at her home (whole Paul is out) and then going to the bedroom to have sex. After which, Jerry declares his love for Barbara and his desire to marry her, but Barbara tells him she doesn’t want to rush things, because she’s finally going to start living her life her way. She says that part of her way is keeping Jerry as her lover, and when he asks what’s the other way, she just smiles. I’m not sure if that’s meant to imply that she may also continue sleeping with her son or not.

There’s another sex scene with Kay Parker that opens the film, as Barbara and her husband Chris (Turk Lyon) have sex, right before he dumps her. All the Kay Parker scenes are amazing, that woman broke the mold of porn stars. With her naturally large big breasts, that hang just right, she was a virtual Goddess. In particular, the chemistry between her and Mike Ranger is undeniable.

Likewise, Ranger’s scenes with Dorothy LeMay, another legend from the early 80’s of porn, are incredible. There’s also several sex scenes featuring Juliet Anderson (aka Aunt Peg), who plays Barbara’s friend Gina. Unlike Barbara, Gina is completely uninhibited. She apparently lives with a man and a woman (Don Fernando & Miko Yani), we keep seeing them sleeping together in bed, or having sex on the couch in Gina’s apartment. And when Barbara confesses to Gina about having sex with Paul, instead of being disgusted Gina gets turned on and masturbates at the thought of it.

The orgy scene is the only one didn’t really work for me. I’m not into group scenes, it’s too difficult to focus on any one person or couple as the camera keeps switching around to show everyone engaged in various sex acts. But that doesn’t kill my enjoyment of this film, which I continue to watch to this day. Even if you think incest is gross, you can still like this film and get turned on. That's what's so incredible about it.

This film gets a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS


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