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A year after Taboo 4, writer Helen Terrie and director Kirdy Stevens created this 5th film in their landmark Taboo series. After focusing on father/daughter incest last time, this film sort of goes back to its roots, with a storyline about the sexual attraction between a mother and a son. 
Colleen Brennan (who appeared in the orgy scene in Taboo 3) plays a widow named Mary. Since her husband’s death she’s developed a split-personality, becoming “Maureen” who goes out at night and picks up strange me to have sex with them. Then she blacks out and doesn’t remember what she did the next day. The film opens with her waking up in some young man’s bed, and she freaks out. Mary is a regular patient of Dr. Jeremy Lodge (Jamie Gillis), who is trying to help her figure out the reason for these blackouts (so apparently he's not just focused on treating patients involved in incest, like he apparently was before, as Colleen's problem doesn't involve incest in the beginning). 
Mary has a son named Sean living with her. As Mary she’s sweet and loving towards him, trying to encourage him to go back to college. But sometimes the Maureen side of her slips out, and she becomes flirtatious towards him, even exposing her body in front him of him, all of which makes Sean very uncomfortable. Another time she propositions two of Sean’s friends right in front of him, which pisses him off.
Someone who takes advantage of Mary’s sickness is Junior McBride (Kevin James), who claims he knows Mary through his mother. One night, after Sean has gone out, Junior shows up at Mary’s house, with a girl named Donna (Lorrie Lovett), and they have a threeway with “Maureen” on the coach. We don’t get any background on what Junior’s been up to since the last film, or what’s going on with his mother or anything. When this sex scene is over, that’s the last we see or hear of him.
Jeremy is now living alone. No mention is made of what happened to his daughter Robin, despite their "vows" to each other at the end of the last film. He has a mistress named Satana (the legendary Amber Lynn), whom he’s basically supporting as a Kept Woman. He pays the rent for her apartment, buys her clothes and gives her money, despite the fact that she’s blatantly just using him, and treats him with zero respect. You could tie this into the events of the last film, explaining that maybe the reason Jeremy puts up with being used by this woman is because after losing his wife Alice, and then also losing his daughter Robin, he’s so lonely and desperate for female companionship that he’ll accept anything. But, that isn’t actually mentioned in the film. One night, Jeremy parks outside Satana’s apartment and finds out she’s cheating on him with a Black man named Flynn (Jonathon Younger). When Jeremy confronts her about it the next day, she just mocks him, and that makes Jeremy so angry that he throws her down on the bed and forcefully has sex with her. Despite seeming to enjoy this rough sex, this doesn’t make her any more loyal to Jeremy, as the next time we see her she’s got Flynn and his buddy Lloyd (Billy Dee) at her apartment and has a threesome with them.
Meanwhile, since the last film, Naomi has married Dalton (Joey Silvera), her former acting coach whom she had sex with in the last film. We get a sex scene of them in the bathroom at their home. It’s mentioned that Naomi hasn’t seen her mother or uncle Billy since the wedding, because Billy was opposed to the marriage (probably because of Naomi and Billy’s sexual involvement, although that is not mentioned in this film, either). 
Dalton’s casting a new play he wrote, and he’s mad because Naomi refuses to perform in it, saying she’s no longer interested in trying to be an actress. But when she changes her mind and goes to the theater to surprise Dalton, she walks in just as he finished having sex with an actress, played by Porsche Lynn, who was auditioning for the play. Heartbroken, Naomi leaves Dalton and moves back in with Jeremy. And soon she finds herself having sex with Clay (Buck Adams), her father’s pool-cleaner, who confesses to having a crush on her for years. They fuck outside by the pool. But then afterwards, when Clay implies that he has sex with other female clients of his, Naomi gets pissed off and stomps away.
After Satana dumps Jeremy for good, so she can go off with Flynn, Naomi comforts her father, as they commiserate over their mutual heartache. Then Naomi proposes that she take care of Jeremy by becoming his lover. She reveals that she somehow knows about his sexual relationship with Robin, saying “she was good for you while it lasted, and so can I be.” Jeremy is reluctant at first, but then relents, and they make love on the couch.
Then back at Mary and Sean’s home, Sean can’t stop thinking about his mother. Apparently he’s spoken to Jeremy, and now is aware of her disorder. Sean watches her while she’s in her bedroom, rubbing lotion on her arms and bare breasts. Then after she gets into bed to sleep, he goes into her room. In a reverse replay of the first sex scene between Barbara and Paul in Taboo 1 this time it’s the son who sneaks into the mother’s bed and begins performing oral sex on her while she sleeps. Then she wakes up, enjoying what he’s doing, and they have sex. After it’s over, Sean calls her Maureen, but she’s says “I’m not Maureen, I’m Mary, I don’t need Maureen anymore.” 
So fucking her son cured her split-personality? OKAY. All’s well that ends well, I guess.
As a porn film this isn’t bad, but as a Taboo sequel it’s rather disappointing, and not just because of the complete lack of Kay Parker or Honey Wild (not even any flashback scenes). I feel that they tried to be too broad in its subject matter. The Taboo films are supposed to be about INCEST. If the movie had focused primarily on Mary and Sean, mother and son, I think it could have better. Colleen Brennan is a sexy MILF here, and the sex scenes we get of her are good, particularly the threesome with Junior and Donna, but we don’t get enough. There’s a part later in the movie where Jeremy hypnotizes Mary so he can purposely bring out her Maureen persona and interview her. And as Maureen she mentions having sex with those two friends of Sean’s that we saw her flirting with earlier. I think they should have actually filmed that sex scene and shown it, instead of just describing it.
Jamie Gillis could have still appeared in this film as Jeremy Lodge, and been Mary’s therapist, to tie this film into the previous one, but his story-arc with Satana felt out of place here. She just treated him so horribly that it was hard to imagine why he kept her around. Don’t get me wrong, Amber Lynn is hot, and I liked her sex scenes. Especially impressed with the two interracial scenes, which were not so common back in the 1980’s. I guess that was considered “taboo”, and that's why it was included here. 
It was good to see Karen Summer back as Naomi, although a return of Ginger Lynn would have been better. Even though Jeremy and Naomi think of themselves as father and daughter, and therefor thought they were committing incest in the end, the viewers know from the last film that Naomi isn’t really his daughter, so it’s not really incest. So, again, if Ginger Lynn couldn’t, or wouldn’t, reprise her role as Robin, I’d rather they’d just cut that storyline and focus on Mary and Sean. 
They could have even tied Mary’s story into a previous film. As I mentioned, Colleen Brennan was in Taboo 3, so they could have had “Maureen” mention being a groupie who took part in orgies, so eagle-eyed viewers like me could say “Oh yeah, that was her.”
Still, there’s good acting, directing, and sex scenes in this film, making it worth getting. But, overall, the highest I can give this is a Chacebook rating of 3 STARS

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