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A year after Taboo 3, Helen Terrie (writer/producer) and Kirdy Stevens (directer) returned for this sequel, switching the primary focus of this series away from the Scott or McBride families, to a new family. 
Jamie Gillis stars as Jeremy Lodge, a psychiatrist who specializes in treating people who have committed incest. He holds his therapy sessions in his house. Cyndee Summers plays his wife Alice, and Ginger Lynn and Karen Summer play their daughters Robin and Naomi, and John Leslie stars as Jeremy’s brother Billy. Billy and Alice have been having an affair behind Jeremy’s back for years, even before Alice & Jeremy got married. In fact, Billy is Naomi’s real father, although only he and Alice know that. But it is mentioned that Naomi always felt especially close to Billy, but just thinking of him as her favorite uncle.
Robin and Naomi are attending a private boarding school for girls when the film starts. They share a room together. One night Naomi sneaks a boy named Richie (played by Francois) into their room so she can have sex with him. Robin objects to this, but to get Robin on her side, Naomi gets Richie to have sex with Robin first, before banging Naomi. Later, Richie gets caught in the room, and the girls are expelled. Soon after, Jeremy catches Alice and Billy in bed, and he kicks Alice out. Alice moves in with Billy, and when the girls come back home, Naomi elects to move in with them, while Robin stays with Jeremy.
The connection to the previous films is that Barbara Scott and Joyce McBride are  both patients of Jeremy, dealing with their issues of incest. So, apparently, although they both seemed very happy with their sex lives at the end of the last film, now they’re both filled with regret. 
Well, I guess that’s not so implausible. Incest is unnatural, so after enjoying it for awhile it’s not that hard to believe that eventually their guilt kicked in. 
Honey Wild and Kevin James appear in this film. Joyce attends a weekly group counseling session at Jeremy’s house, and Junior drops her off and picks her up from the meetings. They’re living together again, and have resumed a sexual relationship (in her first meeting she talks about sucking Juniors cock “last night”), although Joyce wants to stop. Junior doesn’t have any guilt, and he knows about Joyce and Brian, saying that’s what screwed her up. At one point Joyce says to him “If you hadn’t moved away I wouldn’t have turned to Brian.” And during one group meeting Joyce gives some more background, including what happened inbetween Taboo 2 and Taboo 3. She talks about catching Sherry and Junior in bed together, and then letting Junior seduce her (complete with flashbacks from Taboo 2). She says after that, whenever her husband Greg would go away on a business trip, Junior would come into her room and they’d have sex (no mention is made if she knows about Greg and Sherry). She asks if she can now talk about Brian, but the session ends, so we never get a chance in this film to find out how things started with her and Brian and what happened after the events of Taboo 3.
Kay Parker doesn’t actually appear in this film, but Barbara Scott is mentioned. She doesn’t go to the group sessions, but sees Jeremy in one-on-one sessions. In one scene Jeremy is recording himself talking about Barbara Scott’s case. He said she came to see because she’s having trouble sleeping, due to being distraught over her son Paul, and then we get a flashback of the scene from Taboo 1 where Barbara and Paul had sex for the 2nd time. It shows almost the whole scene. Then it cuts back to Jeremy who continues narrating by saying “she then turned to her other son Jimmy, who was 20 years old at the time.” Then Robin knocks on the door, telling him lunch is ready, so he stops his recording. So no other info about Barbara or her sons is revealed in this film.
Robin meets Junior one day when he comes by to pick up Joyce. The next time he comes by she invites him in, and since she knows what the topic of the group sessions is, she gets Junior to admit to having sex with his mother. This turns her on, but when Junior tries to seduce her she resists, and tells him she wants to see him with his mother. Meanwhile, in the group session, another of the patients (Robin Cannes) tells them all her story of getting seduced by her brother (Craig Roberts), which is shown in a flashback scene. The story gets Joyce really hot, and she steps outside the room to get a drink. She sees Junior in the living room, and tells him they should go home and have sex, but Junior says they don’t need to go home. He takes her into Robin’s bedroom, and they have sex. It’s while standing up, Junior’s taken his pants off, and Joyce has her dress on, but it’s lifted up. Junior is holding her in his arms as he fucks her up against the wall. Then Robin walks in and watches them. When Joyce sees Robin in the room she freaks out, stops Junior, and leaves the room looking upset with herself. Then, without a word, Robin gets undressed and gets on the bed and then she and Junior have sex.
Another little subplot has both Robin and Naomi taking acting lessons and preparing to be in a play. There’s one scene where the director, played by Joey Silvera, takes Naomi backstage for some private acting lessons. He tells her they’re going to do some improve role-playing, where they’re going to play adult cousins who used to fool around with each other when they were kids. Naomi agrees, they do some dialog, and then end up having sex. It’s kinda clever in that, although the characters aren’t related they are pretending to be, to fit in with the incest theme of this series. The director tries coming on to Robin later, but she rejects him.
Meanwhile, at Billy’s place, Alice gets insecure about how close Billy and Naomi are, although Billy tells her she’s being silly. But we get a scene where Naomi is taking a shower, and she imagines Billy in there with her, having sex with her in the shower. Another scene has Alice giving Billy a blowjob in the bedroom, while Naomi watches through the window. Billy sees her watching and seems to get more turned on, so when he finally cums even we, the viewer, can’t tell if it’s because of Alice or Naomi. Finally, one night, while Alice is out, Naomi admits to Billy that she loves him, despite him being her "uncle", and they have sex on the couch.
Jeremy finds himself getting lonely without any female companionship. He even tries calling Alice at Billy's house one night, but she doesn't answer. So then he goes into Robin’s room, in a similar scene to where Barbara seduced Paul in Taboo 1, Jeremy goes down on Robin while she’s sleeping, and she wakes up and agrees to have sex with him. It ends with them kissing passionately, as Robin promises to be Jeremy’s woman now, they even recite wedding vows to each other.
An enjoyable film, but not as good as the first three. It would have been better if it could have picked up more directly from Taboo 3, and starred both Kay Parker and Honey Wilder as Barbara and Joyce, showing them going out and picking up young studs together, maybe now sharing their sons with each other. The small part we did get of Honey Wilder was nice, along with the return of Kevin James. But I can understand why Terrie and Stevens tried to move the series in a slightly new direction, with the introduction of the Lodge family. And it has some good sex scenes. I liked Cyndee Summers, a sexy MILF in her own right, and enjoyed her scenes. Young Ginger Lynn was also a joy to behold, somehow managing to look innocent and slutty at the same time. And this is the first Taboo film that didn’t feature and orgy scene, which I never cared for anyway.
Worth getting for your Taboo collection. Chacebook rating 4 STARS

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