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Two years later, Helene Terrie (writer/producer) and Kirdy Stevens (directer) returned to film another Taboo sequel. As fans of many film franchises know, the more sequels that are made, the more likely it is for contradictions and story retcons to occur. While Taboo 2 left a few minor details from Taboo 1 unexplained, it didn’t contradict anything from the first film, and therefor the two films watched back to back would fit as a complete story. That’s not quite the case with this third film. It will take some mental wrangling to make some of these details fit what we already know about these characters. But it can be done.
On the plus side, Kay Parker is given a much bigger role in this film than she had in the last film, closer to what she had in the first film, and Honey Wilder is back too. So we’re off to a good start.
Barbara and Joyce have become close friends since the last film (where there was no indication that they knew each other that well, or if at all, but it’s not hard to believe that they would have met through their kids, and become friends), although neither one knows about the other’s incestuous affairs in the beginning. 
Jerry Butler joins the cast as Barbara’s son Jimmy Scott, and Blake Palmer plays Joyce’s son Brian McBride. Although neither character was mentioned in either of the previous films, this isn’t the biggest continuity change. Jimmy and Blake are close friends in this film, so if we assume that they’re the oldest, firstborn children of their families, we can also assume that they were already grown and living away from home during the previous films, that’s why we didn’t see them or hear about that. Maybe they were away attending college in some other state together (Joyce does refer to Brian being “back from New York”), and now they’re back in town. 
Joyce has since gotten divorced from Greg, despite their apparent happy ending at the end of the last film. But a lot can happen in two years, so that’s not so unusual, either. Joyce and Brian live together in a new house. No mention is made of either Junior or Sherry. Maybe they’re living with their father since the divorce, or away at college, or just living on their own. There are multiple possible explanations for this, so it’s not so unusual, or even really important, either. Joyce is now more sexually uninhibited, and is having a secret sexual relationship with Brian. That also makes sense, considering what she went through in the last film, it’s believable that she would be more open sexually now, and after being seduced by one son that she would be open to having sex with her other son.
Barbara’s story is a little more complicated. While in the last film we heard that Paul went to live with his father, sometime between then and now he moved back with Barbara, and the two of them and Jimmy were living together in the same house. No mention is made of Gina, whom Barbara was last seen living with. The film opens with us seeing that Paul had just suddenly moved out of the house, packing up all of his stuff and driving away with no warning (Mike Ranger doesn’t actually appear in this film, although scenes of him and Kay Parker having sex in Taboo 1 are shown in flashback a couple of times). A phone call between Paul and Barbara reveals that he says he just couldn’t handle the way things were between them anymore, so that’s why he left. Jimmy doesn’t know what happened with Barbara and Paul (although, strangely, Brian knows, and he tells Joyce when she asks him about it), but appears to have some suspicions in the beginning, which get stronger as the film goes on. 
Barbara’s character seems to have taken a step backward socially. Despite living with the wild Gina, participating in orgies, threesomes, and lesbian sex last time, Barbara is back to being inhibited. She doesn’t date anyone, spends all her time yearning for Paul, and starts finding herself attracted to Jimmy, although she tries to deny these feelings. Jimmy has a girlfriend named Diane (played by Lisa Lake), and Barbara is jealous of her. Diane is an ex-groupie, who claims to have changed and wants a commitment from Jimmy, although that doesn’t stop her from seducing Brian one night. But Jimmy isn’t that serious about her anyway, and earlier in the film has sex in a sauna with another girl that Brian set him up with (played by Pamela Mann).
Jimmy starts feeling attracted to his mother. He secretly watches her while she’s getting dressed in her room. Then later he gives her a big kiss on the mouth while she’s in the bathtub, and she has to push him away. One day Barbara comes home and see Jimmy and Diana having sex on the couch. She goes to her room and cries, and also masturbates. Then she goes to see Joyce but walks in on Joyce and Brian in bed together. Joyce convinces Barbara to join them for a threesome, which Barbara loves, and Joyce intends to make Barbara her new sexual “partner in crime”, so they can go out and hunt for young studs together.
Later on, Jimmy goes to Joyce’s to see Paul, but he’s not there. He ends up talking with Joyce in the living room and, in a scene very similar to the one between Joyce and Junior in Taboo 2, they have sex on the coach. Barbara happens to stop by at the same time, and sees them having sex through the window, and walks away upset. Later, she makes Joyce promise to leave Jimmy alone. Then Joyce and Barbara arrange a night where they get together and order a pizza, for the express purpose of seducing the pizza boy (Marc Wallice), which they do. A very hot threesome, which almost makes this film worth buying all by itself, if you ask me.
Then in the final scene, Barbara comes home late one night and sees Paul’s car parked in front. She rushes indoors and changes into a red nightgown, then goes into a Paul’s old room, where the lights are out and he appears to be sleeping. Like in the first film, she begins sucking his cock, then the light comes on and it’s actually Jimmy whose cock she’s sucking. Barbara’s shocked, but he tells her he knows what happened between her and Paul, and the two of them have sex. And once again the film ends with the impression that Barbara has become a sexually liberated woman.
There’s also a running subplot where Jimmy and Brian are working as managers of a rock band and are trying to get them a record contract. The guys arrange a concert for the record execs, followed by an orgy afterwards, where Jimmy, Brian, and Diane also join in. Also joining in is Ron Jeremy, playing the head record exec. The orgy is a success, and the band gets a recording contract.
Another sex scene I didn’t mention is a threesome that Brian has in a sauna with Pamela Mann and Kristara Barrington, which is pretty hot. Pretty much all the sex scenes are hot (although, as I’ve brought up before, I don’t particularly care for orgy scenes), especially all the ones involving Kay Parker and Honey Wilder. So despite the changes to the backstory of some of the characters, this is a good film and solid addition to the Taboo series.
Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

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