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Two years after Taboo, writer Helene Terrie and directer Kirdy Stevens returned to film a sequel which, in many ways, is the superior film. Like most mainstream sequels, it takes everything you liked about the original and amplifies it. Like how in horror sequels there are bigger and more gory death scenes. Or how in each Fast And Furious sequel there’s more elaborate car stunts. Well, while the first Taboo film showed us Mother/son incest, this sequel gives us that plus brother/sister and father/daughter incest.
Dorothy LeMay returns as Sherry McBride, who was Paul Scott’s girlfriend in the previous film. This film primarily focuses on her family. Kevin James is her older brother Junior, Eric Edwards is their father, Greg, and Honey Wilder plays their mother Joyce. In the opening scene Junior and Sherry drive to a retail store to buy a birthday card for their father, and the store they go to happens to be run by Barbara Scott (the returning Kay Parker). Sherry is surprised to see Barbara, as we learn through dialog that since the last film Paul left to go live with his father (this fits in with the ending of the original, as Paul wasn’t happy with Barbara’s relationship with Jerry Morgan, so he must have left out of jealousy), without saying goodbye to Sherry, nor contacting her since. Barbara also moved out of her old house, and is now living in a new house with Gina (Juliet Anderson aka Aunt Peg). No mention is made of Jerry Morgan, or what happened with him and Barbara, but since Barbara is running that store she’s obviously not working for Jerry anymore.
Junior and Barbara have a mutual attraction when they first meet, and Junior tells Barbara he has some tools that Paul lent him, which he would like to return, so Barbara gives him her address. Later that day Junior shows up at their house, while Gina is in the middle of giving Barbara a sensual nude massage. Gina invites Paul to join in and help her massage Barbara, during which Gina “accidentally” lets it slip out that Barbara fucked Paul. Junior is both shocked and turned on by the news, and soon the massage turns into a hot threesome, as the two ladies take turns sucking Junior’s large cock, and then he fucks them on a bed (well, specifically he fucks Barbara, while Gina sits on his face, and then later turns her attention feeling up Barbara while Junior fucks Barbara).
We soon learn why Junior doesn’t seem too surprised at the thought of incest, as he has been trying to get into his own sister’s pants for a long time. He’s constantly hitting on Sherry when their parents aren’t around, including sneaking into her bedroom and trying to feel her up, but Sherry always resists his advances. Meanwhile Joyce is sexually frustrated, as Greg doesn’t pay enough attention to her. This is later implied to be due to Greg sleeping with his secretary, although that isn’t shown. At one point Junior peeks through the bedroom door to watch his parents have sex. The sex looks hot, but Greg cums too soon for Joyce, who wants to keep going, but Greg just rolls over and goes to sleep, leaving Joyce unsatisfied.
Junior finally enlists the aid of a girl he’s fucking, Mary Lou (Bambi aka Tammy), to help him get Sherry into bed. Mary Lou invites Sherry over to her place, to get into a hot tub, while Bambi tells Sherry about how big Junior’s cock is, and how good he is in bed. This turns Sherry on, and the two girls go inside and have sex on the couch. While Sherry’s eyes are closed, Junior sneaks in and takes Bambi’s place eating Sherry’s pussy. When Sherry opens her eyes she’s shocked to see Junior eating her, but it feels too good for her to make him stop. So Junior gets on top of her and finally fucks his sister, while Mary Lou watches. That night, back at home, Junior sneaks into her bedroom and, even though Sherry feels guilty about it and tries to resist, she relents and lets him fuck her again. The next morning Greg has to leave on a business trip so Joyce drives him to the airport. Junior is still in Sherry’s bed, and he wakes her up to have sex again. When Joyce returns home, she hears the noise in Sherry’s room, opens the door and sees them having sex. She screams and runs out the room. The kids get dressed and split, driving to hide out at Mary Lou’s house, until they figure out what to say to their mother. Joyce spends the day drinking, to get over the shock, and is tipsy when Junior returns home that night. Junior then seduces his own mother, getting him to blow him in the living room, then taking her up to her bed and fucking her.
There’s another orgy in this film. It’s at Gina and Barbara’s house, and they invited Junior, who brings Shelly and Mary Lou with him, and they all join in. Like I said the last time, I’m not really impressed with orgy scenes, there’s just too many people for it to be “erotic” to me. But it is notable for the inclusion of a young Ron Jeremy in the scene. During the orgy he gets involved with several women, including Mary Lou and Sherry, who also spends some time kissing and getting eaten out by Barbara.
All of this wild action sparks something in Sherry. An undetermined amount of time later, after Greg has returned home, Sherry sneaks into her parents room at night, and begins sucking her father’s cock. He wakes up and the two of them have sex right there in the bed, while Joyce is sleeping next to them. After they’re done, Sherry sneaks out the room, but Greg then wakes up Joyce so they can have sex, and this time Joyce is satisfied at the end.
Brother and sister, mother and son, father and daughter. Lesbian sex, a threesome and an orgy. This film has something for everyone. And while more scenes with Kay Parker would have been nice, Honey Wilder really shines as the resident MILF of this film. Any film that has both of them in it is worth buying.
Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

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