Sunday, July 10, 2016


Milfs Like It Big is a long-running adult website series produced by the fine folks at BRAZZERS. Currently updated about three times a month, each new scene has a simple basic premise: hot older women having sex with mostly younger men who have big cocks.

I have been a fan of this site (and many of their other sites) for several years now, and this DVD that I am reviewing is the very first collection of MLIB scenes that Brazzers released on DVD, featuring 6 classic scenes from back in 2007 & 2008.

First up is BIG DICK AUCTION. This is a group scene featuring AUSTIN KINCAID, SIENNA WEST, and VICTORIA SIN.

The premise is that Sienna has recently gotten divorced and her ex has taken the kids out for the weekend, so the three women are together at her place to have drinks and cheer each her up. They start by  taking off their tops and comparing and complimenting each other's breasts. Then they stand up to lift their dresses and compare asses. But Sienna says she's still depressed and tired, but Austin and Victoria announce their surprise for her, which is that they've arranged an auction for big dicks.

Jordan Ash and Alec Knight come by, they're the two guys up for auction. Nikki Rhodes shows up with them to run the auction. Both men drop their pants to show off their large cocks, and the women take turns bidding on them. They're so horny they're soon bidding things like the pink slips to their cars, and their child's college funds, and then the deeds to their house. With Nikki collecting the money, she leaves so the three women can proceed to share the two men.

I have to be honest. Despite liking the three ladies, especially Sienna, I'm just not into "group scenes." So I couldn't really get into this, and just skipped through it. It's a long scene, over 50 minutes long, and ends with the two men cumming on the three women's faces. Not my style, but if you're into this sort of thing, I'm sure you'll be more than satisfied.


The 2nd scene is WELCOMING THE NEIGHBORS staring Lovely Latina Lady Alexis Amore. The premise is that Alexis' friend Jasmine (who is, strangely, uncredited) comes over to take her shopping, but Alexis is interested in going over to meet the new couple who has just moved into their neighborhood, and has a bottle of wine for them. But, really, Alexis is interesting in getting to know the husband and find out if he has a big cock. Jasmine who says she recently met the wife, agrees to help Alexis out. Both ladies go to the house where the couple is moving some boxes in to their garage. The wife is also uncredited, but the husband is Keiran Lee. After some brief small talk, the wife says she admires Jasmine's purse, so Jasmine invites her over to her place to check out her purse collection. Those two ladies leave, leaving Alexis and Kieran alone. Alexis help Kieran take a couple of boxes into the house, where Keiran sits down tired from all the moving, mentioning that his back is killing him. Alexis sits rubbing his shoulders as he sits on the couch, and he likes that. She has him lay back and she starts rubbing his chest, and notices the outline of his erection in his pants. She starts rubbing his bulge, and he resists at first, but all resistance melts away when she pulls down the top of her dress revealing her large bare breasts.

She continues stroking his cock through his pants for a bit, before finally pulling it out and stroking it and slapping it against her breasts before sucking it while playing with her pussy. This goes on for awhile until they switch places, with her laying back on the couch while he goes down on her. Then he starts fucking her in that position. After some reverse-cowgirl, him fucking her while she's upside down (?!?) and then doggystyle, and sidewas missionary, it ends with him cumming mostly in her mouth and also her tits. There's also a surprise little twist-ending which I won't spoil.

A good scene, about 34 minutes long, but I could have down without the upside-down position. I wasn't impressed, it wasn't hot, it just mainly looked to me that would feel uncomfortable for both of them. So I'll knock off a star for that.


PIPE-ING HOT features the amazing Ava Devine a woman known for being down for ANYTHING. Ava plays a lonely housewife, who is home alone for the day. She's so horny, due to the fact that her wealthy husband has a little dick that doesn't satisfy her, that she calls for a plumber to come fix her sink, although it's clear that there's nothing really wrong with it, she just wants a man. After calling, she stands in the kitchen playing with herself, even using her cellphone to masturbate her pussy with. When Joe Blow, the plumber shows up she wastes very little time in seducing him, first by bending over quite a bit, exposing her shaved bare pussy underneath her dress. And when he gets down on his back to look under the sink, she starts stroking his cock through his overalls. Joe quickly understand what she wants, and as long she's willing to still pay his hourly rate, he's ready to "lay some pipe."

She starts blowing him right there on the kitchen floor. Then he stands up and starts banging her doggystyle as she leans over the kitchen counter. They remain in doggy for quite awhile, occasionally stopping for Ava to turn around and get back on her knees to blow him again. Eventually Joe lays back down on the floor and Ava rides him reverse-cowgirl, then turning around for regular cowgirl, all the while Ava keeps up a steady stream of loud moaning and dirty-talk, ending when Joe cums in Ava's mouth and on her face. At about 20 minutes, it's a very hot scene. Then again, I've rarely seen a scene that Ava Devine has been in that wasn't very hot. This woman was built for porn.


Scene 4 is a scene that, strangely, I can't find on the MLIB website. It must have been removed for some reason in the years since it was filmed. So I don't have a title for it, but it stars Devon Lee. We see her go over to her new neighbor, Chris Strokes' house, to introduce himself and bring a bottle of wine. He invites her to sit with him by his pool and have a glass. When she asks him why he's moved into the neighborhood, he tells her he had to leave his former place because he was getting "harassed" by too many of the women due to the fact that he has a big cock.

Yes, I can understand how that would be a problem.

She asks to see it, and he says no, so then demands to see it or else she'll tell all of her female friends and he'll started getting harassed again. Yeah, you can see where this is going.

He strips for her and she admires his cock, and strokes it for awhile, before finally blowing him. She strips and he goes down on her, then he lays back on a pool chair and she gets on him in cowgirl position. Then a little reverse-cowgirl, then back to cowgirl, then back to reverse. Then they both stand up (she still has her high heels on, and she leans forward with her hands against a pillar and he stands behind her to do her doggystyle. Then she moves back to the pool chair and gets on all fours and he does her doggystyle again.. Then they move over to the pool, where she lays down on her back on a blanket, while sort of stands in the pool and does her missionary. IT ends with her kneeling in the bool as he stands in front of her and cums mostly on her tits.

The "story" ends as the scene jumps to sometime later, Chris is watching TV in his home when he hears loud knocking on the door, and discovers 5 women (uncredited) standing their with bottles of wine and cakes all welcoming him to the neighborhood, indicating that Devon has told all her friends about him...

A hot and kinda funny tale. About 30 minutes long.


The 5th scene is ROUGH RIDER and stars the Legendary Lisa Ann. It opens with her hanging out at some outdoor eating place. Johnny Sins is sitting at the table next to her, and she overhears him on his phone talking to his girlfriend, who is complaining that she's still sore from the last time they had sex. When he gets off the phone, Lisa introducers herself, asks him about the problem, and offers to take him home and teach him how to have sex without making the woman sore.

Stuff like this never happens to me.

Next thing you know they're back in Lisa Ann's bedroom, on her bed. They talk a little more, and then the instructions begin. She has been take her dress off, and revealing her sexy bra and panties underneath, then has him caress her body, then they kiss a little, then her bar comes off and he sucks on her breasts and starts to finger her pussy. He gets undressed and she blows him, then she titty-fucks him, then he goes down on her, then finally she has him fuck her. It starts off with doggystyle, where she most does the work, has him she stand there as is on all fours in front of him pushing herself back onto him, before he then starts pumping her. Then she gets on top of him cowgirl, then reverse-cowgirl, then he gets on top for missionary. All throughout the scene, she's continuing to instruct him and asking him questions about sex with his girlfriend, all reaching a climax (pun intended), at about 40 minutes, when he cums on her face.


And then we have there is this sixth scene which, for some reason, is listed as an extra "bonus scene." And, truthfully, this is the scene that I bought this DVD for, despite already having it downloaded on my PC.

AVA LIKES THEM BIG features the voluptuous Ava Lauren aka Lana Lotts, a smokin' hot voluptuous babe who was one of my favorite working MILFS until she sadly retired in 2010.

In her scene, she plays a presumably single mother who at her home doing laundry when Phat Zane comes in, he's playing a friend of her son "Billy." Ava informs him that Billy isn't home, and he asks if he can just come in and play with Billy's Playstation until he gets back. But Ava says that Zane's clothes are filthy, which Zane says is because he and Billy had been playing football. She insists that he take all of his clothes off so he can put them in the washing machine. After some coaxing, Ava manages to get Zane completely naked and then she starts teasing him (CFNM fans will like this). And you know where this leads. First she gets down on her knees and blows him, then she gets up on the washing machine, slips off her panties, and makes him kneel down to go down on her. Then she takes him into the living room and makes him lie down on the couch, where she finally slips the rest of her clothes off and blows him some more before getting on top and riding him cowgirl. It's a hot 28 minute scene with both of them moaning loudly and realistically. And after reverse-cowgirl, doggystyle, and then missionary, during which Ava squirts twice while screaming like a banshee, it ends with Zane coming in her mouth and on her tits. This has long been one of my favorite Ava Lauren scenes


The DVD also features a photo-gallery, "cumshot recap", and trailers for other Brazzers DVD's.

This is a very good collection scenes, most of which you can view by subscribing to the website itself, or you can purchase this DVD at