Sunday, July 10, 2016

EMMA STARR from Naughty America

One of the first porn websites that I discovered, and the first that I ever actually paid to subscribe to, was Naughty America, which today has 47 current and non-active but still accessible websites full of content. Back in the day, though, sometime in 2004 or 2005 I thinkm, when I first found it,  it was it was much smaller. I think there my have been like 6 or 7 sites. I don't recall, exactly, but I know it was less than 10. But I immediately became and remain a fan. I love a good "gonzo" sex scene as much as the next fella, but a good "story" can make a sex scene even better. I mean, I'm not expecting full-scripts and Oscar-winning acting or anything, but just a set-up to give me and idea of who these people are supposed to be and why they're having sex, as opposed to just *here is a man and woman fucking*, can add to the fantasy and make the scene a little hotter.

Naughty America was always particularly good at setting up interesting scenarios in their scenes. Two of their earliest, and my favorite, of their websites were MY FRIEND'S HOT MOM and MY FIRST SEX TEACHER. I've always been attracted to older women (I dated a 39 year old woman when I was 22 and a 46 year old woman when I was 27), so these sites were write up my alley. And in those early days they had an impressive group of, regulars, I'd guess you call them, who were some of their most popular actresses, and these were the ones I'd most eagerly await their new scenes. Women like Ava Devine, Vicky Vette, Mason Storm, and the women I'd talking about today, EMMA STARR.

Mrs. Starr, as she was most commonly referred to, most frequently appeared in scenes for My First Sex Teacher, in which she would seduce various students, male or female, in her classroom. She ran with this sexy schoolteacher role, eventually creating her own website around this persona: Mrs. Star Sexy Teacher (this was in addition to her first website Emma's Wild World). Then NA started using her in My Friend's Hot Mom, with her playing the horny housewife who seduces young men behind her husbands back. There was always just something about her, in that she looked looked like a super sexy pornstar but also, somehow, just regular. I don't know how to explain it, but she really looked like she could be your favorite school teacher, or your friend's mom. Nice and respectable in public, but total sex fiend behind closed doors. She always looks like she really enjoys the sex, from the way she moves, to the way she talks. Hearing her moan "Oh God" while getting pounded by some young stud is amazing. She also likes to kiss while fucking, which also makes it look more real. Over the years, as NA has grown, she's appeared in scenes for many of their websites and has remained a popular performer.

Well, I must confess, there was a period, for maybe about a year, where she'd pierced both nipples and her clit. I've never been a big fan of piercings on women, especially the clit. I don't know why, but I find it distracting when watching a scene. So I wasn't happy with that. But she got rid of them, so it's all good now.

Unlike the other aforementioned actresses, she continues to occasionally film for NA, as of this writing her most recent scene for them was released in May of this year, although her Twitter describes her as "part time" adult actress. Nevertheless, at 45 she is still sexy as fuck, and one of my favorite porn stars. And that brings us to today's review.

I don't know why it took them so long to do this, but in 2011 Naughty America released this, their first DVD specifically dedicated to Emma Starr, featuring 5 of her then-recent scenes.

First up is a scene from MY FRIENDS HOT MOM with Bill Bailey The premise is that Billy (as she calls him) has been depressed because things aren't going well. He isn't doing well in college, or his love life, and his family has moved away, so he's lonely. So Emma has invited him over to her house for dinner, and cooks him a meal, to cheer him up. But Billy is surprised that they're the only two there, as her son Jason, Billy's friend, and her husband are out that night. And Emma soon reveals that her plan to cheer Billy up is by fucking him.

Soon she's on her knees blowing his cock, occasionally titty-fucking him, then they both get undressed and she lays back on the couch so he can eat her pussy. She blows him again, then sits on him cowgirl, then he gets on top of her, then she bends over and licks her asshole before fucking her doggystyle, until finally, after about a half hour, he comes on her face. I'll note that Emma wears glasses throughout this entire scene, which always helped with her "schoolteacher" look, and should be an extra bonus for you glasses-fetishist out there (you know who you are). And now that Billy is cheered up and worked up an appetite, he can eat his meal.

The next scene is from MY FRIENDS HOT MOM with Danny Mountain. On a nice sunny day, Emma is laying out by her pool, wearing skimpy blue bikini and smoking a cigarette, when Danny drops by, looking for her son Dylan. But Emme tells him that Dylan had a fight with his girlfriend and went out to go try to make up with her. Danny is bummed out because they were planning to go to the movies and drove half an hour to Danny's house for nothing. But Emma starts talking to him and questioning his own love life. When Danny confesses that is girlfriend is kind of a prude, who wouldn't even kiss him in public for the first 6 months that they dated, and she's moving a bit slow for him. Emma takes that as a cue to start coming on to Danny, assuring him that she wouldn't be able to keep her hands off him for that long. She starts stroking his cock though his pants and they start kissing.

Without much resistance, Danny pulls off her bikini top and sucks her tis, then she takes down his pants and blows him, with a little titty-fucking thrown in. They go inside and she lays down on the couch where he eats her pussy. Then he sits down on the couch and she sits in his lab, riding him cowgirl style. Then she turns around to ride him reverse-cowgirl, then he does her doggystyle, then missionary, until he ends with him cumming on her tits, and then her sucking the rest from his cock. At the end they both agree to keep it a secret between them. Another smokin' hot half hour scene.

The third scene is MY FRIEND'S HOT MOM with James Deen. Mrs. Starr comes by to James house, he's been her son's friend since he was a kid. But now he's a rich successful real estate mogul. He's on the phone  arguing with one of his employees over some apparently major deal when she walks in. Mrs. Starr is so empressed with James' nice house, she interrupts his phone call tell him that she's here to fuck him.

James immediately gets off the phone.

She practically throws herself at him, pressing him back on the couch and kissing him, she takes off her top and he sucks on her boobs, then takes her dress and panties off, bends her over the couch and buries his face between her butt checks to her out, then turns her over on her back to keep eating. James munches that muff like he's a starving man eating his last meal, while Mrs. Starr moans in ecstasy. Then he starts fucking her. They go at is in missionary, reverse-cowgirl and doggystyle, she also blows him and titty-fucks him, ending at about 22 minutes when he cums in her mouth. A shorter scene, but just as satisfying and hot.

The fourth scene is from SEDUCED BY A COUGAR with Danny Wylde. It's daytime, and Danny plays a criminal who breaks into Emma's house, thinking no one was house. But Emma is home and catches him. Seeing that he's only armed with a toy water gun, she's not afraid, and she overpowers him and won't let him leave. But instead of calling the cops on him, she decides to fuck him. She pushes him back on the couch, opens his pants and sucks his cock (taking her top off and also titty-fucking him). At one point she stops to make him watch as she slowly and seductively strips off her clothes. She looks like she could be a professional stripper. Then she makes him eat her out, and is clearly impressed with his skills. Then he fucks her missionary, spooning, reverse-cowgirl, then doggystyle, ending in that position with him pulling out to come on her ass (old school porn style).

The fifth and finale scene is from MY FIRST SEX TEACHER with Xander Corvus. Xander is home alone at 10pm when someone knocks on his door. He's surprised to find Professor Starr from his college there. He doesn't even know how she knew where he lived. She tells him that she followed him home the other day, and is there because she's had a crush on him and wants to fuck him. And she knew his parents weren't home. Xander is in utter shock, as Professor takes him into his room, pushes him back on his bed and starts taking his pants off. Then as he lays there with his big hard dick sticking out, she takes her own pants and panties off, and climbs on top of him to ride him cowgirl. Then she gets off and blows him for a bit, before getting back on top of him in reverse-cowgirl. Then he gets down and eats her out for awhile, then he fucks her on top. As her furiously pounds her she stars begging him to give her "an old fashioned creampie" saying she wants to feel his "nice big load" dripping inside her pussy. Her pleading makes it hotter and, about 24 minutes, that's exactly what he does. Cums inside her, then pulls out, so the camera can focus on his cum dripping out of her pussy. She fingers herself and licks her fingers off. So hot.

You'll notice that, unlike with my previous DVD review, I don't individually rate each scene. That's because all five them are 5 STARS. There's not a bad or unsatisfying scene in the bunch. This is great compilation for Emma Starr fans. And if you're not familiar with her, check it out and you will be an Emma Starr fan when it's over.

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