Sunday, July 10, 2016

EMMA STARR 2 by Naughty America

Following up the 2011 DVD, a year later Naughty America released their 2nd, and to-date last, DVD specifically dedicating to showcasing my favorite Milf, Emma Starr.

Once again we got 5 then-recent scenes, taken from Naughty America's various websites. But this time it appears that the PTB at NA have made a conscious effort to add a little more variety in terms of the type of scenes they chose for this DVD. As last time most of the scenes were from My Friend's Hot Mom, and even the two that weren't basically had the same premise: Emma seducing some young White dude. This time each scene is from a different site, so the premise's are different, and there's more variety about who she's with.

This starts with a scene from HOUSEWIFE 1 ON 1 with Tim Cannon. Now, this will probably be ironic, considering what I just wrote about the variety on this DVD. But this one bit of variety that I could have done without. See, the premise of Housewife 1 on 1 is that all scenes are shot POV-style. So like you never see the guys face, the camera is always aimed as if you are the participant in the action. So the woman in the scenes are talking to "you", you are looking down at them sucking "your" cock or looking down as "you" fuck them or looking up as they ride "you." I guess that sort of things appeals to many guys as it helps them really imagine that they are in the scene, but it just doesn't work for me.

So I kinda skimmed through this one, Emma takes some guy named Tim home with her while her husband's away, and fucks him in the kitchen. Basically he fucks her on a stool and ends with cumming on her tits. It's a short video, less than 19 minutes. Easily skippable for me.


But then it gets much better with the 2nd video NEIGHBOR AFFAIR with Prince Yahshua. This is immediately awesome because it's an interracial scene. This is something Emma has done more frequently, on her own site, but she hasn't been cast in as many IR scenes I'd like to see from by the major companies, including NA. But this one and it's a good one. Prince has just moved next door to Emma Starr, and she has invited him over to talk. The scene opens with them sitting at a large table in Emma's dining room. She brings up the fact that he is the first African-American in her neighborhood, and that she thinks it's a good thing that he's bringing some "culture" to the area. She even asks him about Kwanzaa. He notices her wedding ring, but she denies that she's actually married, says that she just wears it to ward off creepy guys from hitting on her. Prince says he's divorced for 5 years and just enjoying being single. She keeps touching his hand, which he notices, and then she flat out tells him that she's never been with an African-American man but has always fantasized about it, and therefor is very happy that he's here now.

They start kissing, and at first Prince is a little hesitant, but Emma is relentless. They stand up and keep making out by the table, then take each other's shirts off and Prince starts kissing and sucking on her boobs, then she takes his pants off and drops to her knees to blow him as he stands there. Then he taes her pants and panties off and has her bend off the table as he fucks her from behind. Then he turns her around and has her lay down on the table as he takes her from the front. then they move to a couch in another room, where he lays back and she sits on him cowgirl. They eventually switch to him on top kinda spooning her, ending about about 32 minutes with him pulling out to come on her pussy (not in it). Very hot. Emma and Prince had great chemistry.

Third is MY FRIEND'S HOT MOM with Darla Crane and Xander Corvus. That's right, threesome, also something different than the norm. It opens with Emma and Darla sitting, fully dressed on a bed. It turns out they've both been called over by Xander, who is a friend of each of their sons, it said he had something to talk about with them, but they don't know what it is. Then Xander enters the room completely naked and just stands there in front of the two women. Both women are initially shocked, but they also clearly like what they see. So after getting assurances from Xander that their sons don't know anything about this, and won't know, both women pull him onto the bed in between them, and begin taking off their own clothes.

What follows is one of the hottest threesomes I've ever seen. Both women suck Xander's cock, separately and at the same time, he takes turns fucking both of them in the pussy in various positions, he also titty fucks both, and the women also interact with each other, licking each other's breasts while the other fucks. It ends at about 24 minutes with them both on their knees as he stands in front of them and cums, which they both share in each other's mouths. Just a really really hot scene. It was in this scene that I first discovered Darla Crane, and I have since become a big fan of hers as well.

Fourth is NAUGHTY OFFICE with Derrick Pierce. In this scene Emma is Derrick's boss, and she calls him into her office to complain about the fact that he recently lost a major customer for their company, and she threatens to fire him. Derrick is very cocky about the whole thing, not taking it seriously, and when he sees how angry she is, he offers to help "relieve her stress." And by that he means fucking her right there on her desk.

This is a switch as one of the rare times where Emma is not playing the aggressor. Derrick is the one seducing her, and she gives in. He sits her against the desk and start slipping her clothes off until she's down to her bra and panties. He pulls the crotch of her panties aside and starts eating her pussy. Then he stands up and fucks her (while keeping his pants on, just sliding her cock through his his opened front). That goes on for awhile until he has her get on her knees and blow him, then he lays back on the desk and has her ride him reverse-cowgirl. It ends with him banging her doggystyle over the desk, until finally, at about 27 minutes, he has her get on her knees again so he can cum all over her tits. And he has a LOT of cum to shoot.

Though I do prefer Emma in the dominant role, which she does best, it was nice to see her playing a slightly more submissive role for once. It shows her acting-range.

The fifth and final scene is from MY FIRST SEX TEACHER with Giovanni Francesco. Professor Starr is teaching a course on Sexual Harassment, and she's called for her student Giovanni to stay behind after class, and then she claims that he's not paying enough attention. He admits that he thinks this class isn't important, so Professor Starr decided to teach him a lesson by seducing him. This is a 22 minute scene during which she blows him, he bangs her missionary on her desk, then doggystyle over the desk, then he lays back on the desk and she rides him cowgirl then reverse-cowgirls. I'll note that she has her glasses on in the scene up to this point, but then she gets off him and bends over so he can do her doggystyle again, which she says is her favorite position (mine too!) and for some reason she takes her glasses off, as he keep pounding her until it ends with her getting on her knees and him cuming in her mouth and on her tits. He also has a lot of cum to give.

So other than the first scene which I don't count, we have another batch of 5 STAR scenes from Mrs. Starr. And that's going by the personal rating system I adopted on my main blog. But, truthfully, the interracial scene and the threesome probably deserve ALL THE STARS. Just those two scenes alone are enough to recommend getting this DVD.

And of course you can always sign up to Naughty America right now to have immediate access to these and, as of today, 7739 other scenes.